Violas, Violins and Cellos directly from the hands of the luthier

“There will never be two instruments the same!”. With this phrase Paolo Dubla welcomes us in his studio, a young and experienced luthier passionate about the art of designing, building and restoring instruments. Paolo, intrigued and attracted by the trade of making instruments as a boy, attended a workshop of an established craftsman, and then decided to undertake the famous Parma school of violin making for stringed instruments, coveted throughout the world. Paolo Dubla specialized in the production of violins, violas, love violas, cellos and double basses, modern and baroque, of interest especially to professionals in Italy and abroad.

The fascination of Italian artisan violinmaking can certainly be found in the choice of the highest quality woods, in the rigour and technical precision, but above all in the spontaneous individuality and originality that makes an instrument unique and unrepeatable. Being a luthier is a complex profession based on the laws of acoustic physics, but it is also the art of translating the sensations of musicians into a technical language. A magical union of tradition, passion, study and dedication closely linked to the poetry of sounds and harmonies. Italy is the undisputed world capital of violinmaking of greatest value… Paolo Dubla one of its best performers!

Your every wish is an order! Paolo Dubla creates instruments specifically on REQUEST.
But you can also buy those already made, in our shop, paying with these forms of payment:

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