Kingdom of Two Sicilies: the secret garden of Casa Pennisi in Acireale

We continue our journey in search of the most beautiful Italian gardens that in addition to boasting botanical heritage of historical and natural interest, offer natural terraces with breathtaking views of the sea.

In Sicily, we find the historic garden of Casa Pennisi to offer plant scenes embellished with sea views. Located in the heart of Acireale, it is one of the few gardens that have withstood building speculation. It is a secret garden that opens its doors only by reservation and hosts every year in August “Villa Pennisi in Musica“, the international summer school in which all aspects related to the training of professionals in live performing are addressed. In the walls of Casa Pennisi have stayed illustrious guests such as the royal family of Italy and Wagner. If you want to experience the charm of a glorious historical past, choose to stay here by renting the apartment in its unit or staying in one of the three beautiful suites of which it is composed. For you the privilege of living exclusively this enchanting eden a stone’s throw from the Gulf of Catania.

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Villa Pennisi in Music

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An international summer school where all aspects related to the training of live performing professionals are addressed. The meeting place of Music and Architecture. A festival where EVERYTHING plays.
The creation of a live event of classical music outdoors is addressed in all its forms: from the creation of the stage machine, the lighting of performers, the preparation of artists who will give life to the performances. In the premises and especially in the beautiful garden of Villa Pennisi there are lessons in architecture, self-construction, acoustics, digital fabrication and advanced music courses. Together, teachers and students will address all aspects related to the solution of critical issues in their respective fields: design, construction, design, lighting, music acoustics, breathing and relaxation techniques, musical and artistic preparation. Musicians and architects, acoustic engineers and lighting designers work together to build the final event, overcoming the traditional teacher/student barrier, sharing the entire creative path, from the preparation during the lessons to the concerts of the Festival.

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