Isola Bella: among the marvels of the Borromeo

The history of the family winds its way from the end of the XIV century, charting a fascinating path where politics, diplomacy, weddings, military deeds, conscientious patrimonial administration, passion for art, collection and botanical sciences meet one another.
By visiting the Borromeo Islands and the Rocca D’Angera you walk along the path of one of the most renowned Italian families, following the history of the places built and lived in by their ancestros, and now safeguarded and preserved with extreme care.

Isola Bella is a place of splendor thanks to the recurrent blooming and the priceless architectural treasures that blends into a wonderful microcosm. Since when it was transformed from barren rock to a blooming garden, the island appears as a galleon floating on the blue waters of the Lago Maggiore as his founder, Vitaliano VI Borromeo, meant for her. Visiting this place allows you to live a normal day of a long-gone era. Here, the baroque boldly blends with the green architectures of the garden, creating a sight for sore eyes.

The garden is a heaven where you can see statues and architectural decors set amidst the perfect green geometry of botanical treasures. Many trusted and capable gardeners trim, fertilize and experiment, preserving this place of wonders from the passage of time. A two-hundred-years-old camphor tree welcomes you at the garden’s entrance. Crossing the gate, you will experience the breath-taking panorama of the Amphitheater in the middle of the island. This Italian garden with a baroque taste spreads on parterres and terraces placed at different heights and sprinkled with statues, obelisks, ageless stone stairs and balustrades. This results in an impressive view, displaying the power and magnificence of the noble house.

Isola Bella’s palazzo is like a baroque chest of wonders floating on the water. You will walk though beautifully furnished halls that afford incredible views of the lake and witness many renowned artists’ exclusive paintings, precious furniture, marbles, neo-classical stuccos, shining armors and Flemish tapestries made of silk and gold.

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