Between the anvil and the hammer the iron turns into art

Forge and pliers, anvil and hammer. These are the elements that have made Saverio passionate since he was a child when he frequented the workshop of his father, an experienced blacksmith who taught him all the secrets of the trade.

Flowers, spikes, commas, horns, floating wrought iron rounds were the games of his 8 years, the magic of his childhood, a training that has led him today to create lawns of roses that frame princely mirrors, harmonious lamps, tables, totems and much more.

Saverio is in fact a skilled blacksmith but also an unusual artist who shapes iron making it a sophisticated and complex work of art. Sometimes he helps his works with different materials to tell the story of nature, where we come from, the environment and the respect we owe him.

This wrought iron artist was born in the area of the Castelli Romani park where there is certainly no lack of woods, flowers and fruits, but at the same time is rich in history and archaeology that make him aware of the beauty of nature, which becomes his inspiring muse, and the art of his ancestors from which you can not and should not ignore.

A wonderful mix of emotions take shape from the sensitivity and hands of Saverio who does not neglect the usefulness and versatility of the object created, sometimes using an unusual grandeur particularly suitable in luxury locations.

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