Le Cicale: a New Style in italian textiles

Le Cicale mark their debut with a textile collection for the table and living room, inspired by the Mediterranean and created from prints of hand-painted watercolors.

Le Cicale, established by four sisters from Milan, discovered the raw material, from which to get their start, close to home. Their father, a lover of both painting and the sea, had in his possession a series of vibrant watercolors depicting the fish of the Mediterranean Sea. Utilizing the detailed illustrations of these fish, it was possible to create original patterns, printed on completely natural linen and cotton. With these fabrics and patterns, Le Cicale now create pillows, table cloths, place mats and table runners.

The production, from beginning to end, is completely Italian, ranging from yarns spun in the regions of Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy to customized packaging from a workshop in Cantù (Como, Lombardy), an area renowned for textiles and furnishings made in Italy.

Attention to detail and quality are at the core of Le Cicale’s projects. Accordingly, features such as colorful zippers, elegant profiles and fine tailoring all characterize the creations of Le Cicale. High definition digital printing gently layers over the natural texture of the fabrics, highlighting the delicacy of the watercolor brush strokes. The result is a fresh and elegant design collection, ideal for seaside settings, but also to introduce a feeling of summertime to living rooms and tables in urban settings.

Grouper, tuna, sea bream and scorpion fish are just some of the many Mediterranean fish species represented in the patterns of Le Cicale. Wildly diverse in size, shape and colors, these exotic fish create expressive, vivid and aesthetically well-balanced compositions.

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