Lazio. The season of oil presses, olives and olive oil

EVO oil is extra virgin olive oil, 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil. You can have more, the ideal is 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, but produced only with olives from one specific territory. Only in this way can you compare all the famous characteristics that distinguish the various productions. Italian olive oil is indisputably the world’s best, but only when the production is genuine and produced skilfully. We are in the Lazio region in the area of the Roman Castles between the Lepini Mountains and the Pontine Hills facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. This is a territory with a great tradition of artisan oil production. We chose a small treasure for you, the olive press of the Il Castelletto agricultural company which produces highly prized oil made only from olives harvested within its own holdings that face the sea. In short, it is a marvel of olive groves with a press in the middle. This allows the grapes that are harvested to be pressed immediately. The olives are pressed mechanically at room temperature, this cold pressing allows the extra virgin olive oil to maintain all its nutritional and physical characteristics unchanged and keeping intact the properties and increasing the benefits that derive from the oil once consumed. The Il Castelletto oil press produces only artisanal extra virgin olive oil, in full compliance with the law, and only with its own olives and in the amounts proportional to its olive groves. Those who want to buy this “nectar” must hurry because the quantities available are limited and there are many bookings.



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