From the artisanal coffee-roastery the most authentic Italian coffee

We are in post-war Italy, in Velletri, in the area of the Castelli Romani, while the reconstruction of the numerous buildings destroyed by the bombing was under pressure, when Flavia Pace, who had remained a widow, decided to roll up her sleeves and reinvent her life with her young sons Antonico and Maurizio Vidili, beginning to know the techniques of roasting coffee, making them her own and also experimenting with new and innovative scenarios. In 1956 the roasting company was born, involving and enthusing the young brothers Antonico and Maurizio.

Their research in selecting the best qualities led them to start importing raw coffee from the places of origin, in order to achieve the perfect mix that does not know the slightest downturn towards bitter pungent and annoying but only those round, full-bodied and satisfying tastes that remain for a long time. The true taste of the most gratifying Italian coffee.

The search to improve and experiment without respite, today as then, has also contaminated the new generation: Francesca, Diego and Emanuele Vidili, have made this job their mission in life with the same passion and pride to produce a true Excellence.

To find out more, we meet Emanuele, we are moved by this story of family and work tasting a cup of coffee that confirms every word, every nuance, every anecdote or vicissitude for the success of this masterpiece. Emanuele is in fact like his coffee, it gives emotion, it is a vitality charge with a gentle and intriguing but balanced taste, always evolving, looking for new expressions, new declinations to live always between past and future, between tradition and innovation.

Emanuele unfortunately lost his father who was his teacher, but he can count on the experience of his irreducible uncle Antonico, who, regardless of age, is always engaged in new experiments, new goals, new reasons for pride. Between one story and the next, Emanuele shows us the raw materials and underlines that he only imports high quality coffee, even if the market is sometimes penalizing.

Then he invites us to attend the “sacred” moment of roasting. This is where the masterpiece is born. The persuasive scent of coffee spreads through the streets of the centre of Velletri and nobody knows how to resist it. At that point, in the coffee shop of the roasting company, we see a series of voices asking: “A coffee please!”.

You don’t just have to imagine all this, they will even take it to your home and Emanuele, in some cases, is available to teach you every secret to make a superb coffee and to let you know the most irresistible pleasure of Italian coffee.

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The street with the smell of coffee

On a day when coffee is toasted, the main street of Velletri, where the Vidilicompany is located, is flooded with the scent of freshly roasted coffee. The delicate fragrance is also wedged in the alleys and squares bordering and is an ideal olfactory path to follow, as if you were magically hypnotized. The process takes place in front of the bar/roasting customers, and has become a real ritual for many.
Traditions that must not be abandoned. Those artisan shops that time preserves and that are making Italy rich… Customs that must not disappear.