The Green Gold of the Agro Pontino

We are in Sonnino, in the province of Latina (southern Lazio), an ancient medieval village that stands on top of a hill, the extreme offshoot of Mount Ceraso. A magical land, rich in legends and myths, traditions and propitiatory rituals.

It is said that Sonnino was a land of bandits and an enigmatic past that reappears in the form of archaic and mystical symbols linked to religion and the Monastic-Cavalleresque orders of the Middle Ages as well as to learned pilgrims who passed through the sacred streets. History is linked to wonderful landscapes, the land shows all its richness with the complicity of the climate, the sun, the sea breeze and the cool hill.

Here is home to olive trees, olives and oil so valuable to be considered the green gold of Agro Pontino. We are at Gregorio De Gregoris, who runs a company that boasts 60 years of experience in the oil industry, olive groves inherited from father to son are the protagonists of this wonderful journey in the production of extra virgin olive oil characterized by monocultivar Itrana (COLLINE PONTINE D.O.P.) repeatedly awarded at various competitions.

The optimal climatic conditions of the territory, together with the attention for the choice of the olives, their preservation and pressing in the innovative plants, give this oil a superior quality also for the chemical-organoleptic characteristics.

The extra virgin olive oil of Gregorio has a well marked colour, it is fruity from medium to intense, has balanced notes of bitterness and pungency, and a very low acidity, so much so that it is below the threshold foreseen for extra virgin olive oil.

In addition to the certified oil “Colline Pontine Dop”, distinguished by the characteristic scent of green tomato, are also available white and black olives of Gaeta in brine and olive cream Gaeta classic, basil or spicy.

In Italy it is said that “more people exterminate their throats than their swords…” and from Gregorio we find the deepest explanation of this saying, when he begins to show us his “jars”. In fact, De Gregoris loves his oil so much that he wanted to create some delicious variants taking up old recipes or looking for new combinations.

For those who love strong flavours, Oliva Zen emerges, a cream based on lemon, Roman mint and ginger, suitable for seasoning pasta or to spread on canapés. For those who, on the other hand, adore more particular and refined foods, we recommend Oliva D’Oriente where they master turmeric and pepper, gluten-free.

Epityrum (an ancient Roman recipe), on the other hand, offers the palate an explosion of flavor foretold by inviting scents: the protagonists of this delight are a perfect mix of wildflower honey, coriander, fennel seeds, mint, rue and wine vinegar.

Also gluten-free is the Olive Oranges, the pastiness of the olives goes perfectly with the freshness of the citrus; a typical recipe of Sonnino is the ‘Olive Smoke, the favorite for those who love the green fruit in its entirety and would like to bite it more than spread… Not to mention the creams based on extra virgin olive oil.

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In the circle of " greedy "... Cremosis

The creams created by Gregorio De Gregoris’ company are something extraordinary: from dried fruit or coconut, they come to life, together with the incomparable extra virgin olive oil produced locally, delicacies for the most refined palates. So, for taste researchers, it is absolutely necessary to make a taste of such goodness: Oliotella (based on hazelnut cream), Oliotella Piccante (based on hazelnut cream and chilli), Oliotella Nera (based on hazelnut cream and dark chocolate), Oliotella Zen (based on hazelnut cream and ginger), Almond (almond-based), Arachiotella (peanut-based) and Coccotella (white chocolate and coconut-based) are the spreadable and creamy specialities that you will never forget…

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