Pure wellness: when the beehive marries scientific research

Propolis, honey and pollen exclusively from Italy… raw materials harvested from pristine areas in the Alps, far from urban, industrial and nuclear pollution. Free from heavy metals, pesticides and antibiotics, Kontak an Italian company, was founded in 1991 thanks to the love of bees by its founder, Luigi Fabretto. From inception, it’s always sought to use high quality products, in compliance with what nature provides for our well-being.
Today, Kontak a leader in its sector, is managed by its sons and appreciated and esteemed all over the world because of the extraordinary characteristics and effectiveness of its strictly pure products. Organic and rich in beneficial properties, propolis of Italian cultivation and the precious jewel of KontaK was the object of a study at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE), precisely for the excellence it represents.  Propolis is a vegetable substance produced by plants, collected by bees and due to its beneficial properties, is known as the “bee pharmacy”. In fact, it contains as many as 212 different active ingredients per composition. In nature, this volatile fraction is released into the air when the sun heats the buds of the plants, allowing its sublimation and diffusion into the environment. Excellent for bronchial and allergic asthma, it’s used as an adjuvant for calming diseases such as rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis. With antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects, propolis also possesses antiviral properties, helping to prevent herpes and the flu. It’s recognized as an immunostimulant, enhancing the body’s defenses.

The PropolAir system, conceived by KontaK and inspired by nature, releases its active ingredients through different progressive steps of heating, reaching their sublimation.  Noteworthy are the benefits that are obtained with the Propolair diffuser, available in 3 versions (basic, with ionizer, with ionizer and fan). It recreates the pristine air from the forests within our homes, releasing the active ingredients of propolis with its precious therapeutic properties.

Yet KontaK’s offer does not end there. With sprays, syrups, candies and chewing gum, containing organic Italian propolis for adults and children, provides a complete healthy, flavorful proposal. Kontak also has a selection of organic Italian honey, unheated and unadulterated to preserve its genuine, natural sweetness. There are also delicious spreads with hazelnuts and honey, Piedmont hazelnuts with their very fine, persistent flavor, dipped in the precious organic acacia honey, soft “truffles” of chocolate and honey, pralines of chocolate stuffed with honey that represent a small luxury for the palate … A sublime and wonderful world to be discovered; the perfect harmony between therapeutic properties, wellness and taste.



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