Francesca Fossati – Poetry in Art that makes every woman unique

A fashion design? No, it’s much more that. Francesca is primarily an artist who has deeply loved tailoring and embroidery techniques and then magically combines them in a single common thread.

An art approach that, together with her particular sensitivity, allows her to interpret her “muses”, bringing out the essence of their souls.  Her passion for fashion was born with her and she learns many tailoring techniques from her grandmother who stimulates her creativity even more and decides to follow artistic studies that allow her to know deeply the history of art in all its essences.

She loves the world of crafts linked to high fashion, in particular she dedicates herself to the historiographic research that underlies the creative project and decides to deepen the techniques of embroidery.

But there’s more: in Francesca Fossati’s research, embroidery becomes the substantial and structural element to retrace the history of decoration, starting from Art Deco, the highest expression of decorativism, passing through Bauhaus, a moment in which decoration gives way to a geometric and rational vision, up to a futuristic perspective with cold, almost glacial colours, but with a strong visual impact.

A synaesthetic research that includes project, historical and formal research, great manual knowledge and two important collaborations: with Elisabeth Roulleau, one of the most highly trained embroiderers at an international level, who has twenty years of experience in Haute Embroiedere in fashion houses such as Chanel and teacher of this art at the prestigious Saint Martin in London, and with Nadia Nava, textile designer for Prada, John Galliano, Vuitton who, working in four hands with Francesca Fossati, has made her manual knowledge available to design fabrics that maximize embroidery.

The uniqueness and quality of Manufatto Artigiano are the key points of Francesca’s art, born in the north but in love with southern Italy, especially the white Ostuni, so her creations can only have all the warmth and flavors of that Italian symbol of joy, lightness, passion.

From the holiday flavour of the Mediterranean colours to the Nordic austerity with its noble perfume, Francesca Fossati tells the story of the uniqueness represented by every woman with the exclusivity, the very high quality and the decisive force of passion.

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Photo credits ©  Federico Cannata and Francesco Allegretti

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