Piana dei Castelli: Wine out of Love

When we talk about wine, anything from technical skills to philosophy comes into play: the aspects of wine are endless. Not only must we distinguish between more or less famous good wines and bad wines, but we must also distinguish between conventional wines ((those produced with the use of chemicals) and natural wines (wines produced without the use of synthetic chemistry). In our search for the most authentic excellence we met a passionate wine maker, following his family’s tradition, the last heir of a dynasty that for twenty generations has been producing wine out of love, who takes us on an exclusive tour of the flavours, the after-tastes and the aromas of truly interesting, unique wines that cannot be cloned. We are talking about Matteo Ceracchi, owner of Piana dei Castelli of Velletri (south of Rome). His vineyards, combined with those of Nicoletta, with whom he shares life so much that they are body and soul, extend for a good eleven local council districts reaching from the sea up to 800 metres in the Cesanese mountains, thus in fact implementing heroic agriculture.

Matteo is an unusual winemaker; he produces his wine from vines that weave together tradition and innovation, bravery and sensibility, going well beyond the borders of banal “normality”. The basis for achieving a decidedly superior quality is the composition of the soil, high technical skill, the strategies and the tools specifically planned for working the soil so as to create underground water reserves and the extreme care of the vines: each year every plant is intervened upon 45 times, respecting the cycles, rhythms and forces of nature, as well as being aided by the favourable microclimate. This is all an essential combination for making the best connection between the earth and the plants and to enhance the identity of the territory.

This is why Matteo told us that his wine is a voyage. In fact, it happens more and more frequently that tasting even the best wines there is a sort of sameness of flavours, a barely noticeable identity. Only by going outside the usual criteria can we discover the body, colours, flavours, unique aromas and the true essence of the most authentic synergy between nature, the land and culture. In order to make these comparisons 11 selected labels of Piana dei Castelli are waiting for you, 11 voyages that you wish you’d never need to stop enjoying.

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