Lanuvio, the pearl of the Castelli Romani: where history meets legend

Just a few kilometres from Rome, in the most absolute peace amongst the olive groves and the vines, history and archaeology combine and time still passes slowly. It is here where we find Lanuvio. Lanuvio is a small and appealing municipality that is heir to ancient history with Greco-Roman roots. With its temple to Juno Sospita, it gives us a hint of mythical origins going back even to Aenaeas. Lanuvio is surrounded by archaeological relics and ancient grandeur despite the devastation suffered during the Second World War when, due to its strategic position, it was bombed and attacked from the air by the Allied forces that landed at Anzio. Lanuvio quickly rose from the ashes and today is one of the most enchanting places in the Castelli Romani.

It was thanks to research carried out on the sanctuary of Juno Sospita in 2000, by the Director of Lanuvio’s Civic Museum, that one of the oldest Latin alphabets was discovered. This alphabet seems to date back to the end of the VI century BC and, given the rare use of alphabets in Latin, this was an exceptional find.

Lanuvio is a real open air museum or, better said, a widespread museum, starting with the elegant Fontana degli Scogli (the Fountain of the Cliffs) by Bernini’s student Carlo Fontana. It is located at the Medieval Castle which is surrounded by a wall with imposing towers. Then, there is the wonderful medieval hamlet with the Palazzo Colonna, with its façade which incorporates a III century AD marble Roman sarcophagus, and the remains of the Roman Theatre. There are also the remains of Lanuvina’s Roman Acropolis, which lies within Villa Sforza Cesarini, with a section of ancient fortified portico in an excellent state of repair. It is all a succession of emotions and with an extraordinary atmosphere.

Wonderful terraces look out over the sea, and spellbinding and contemplative corners help you to find inner peace and the silence of the soul once more. In addition, your senses are given an even greater boost by the excellent wines and a cuisine that is strictly “homemade”. This is a tradition that really is a true luxury.

Aerial photos Lanuvio © L. Gozzi – A. Roncarati – A. Cennamo
Photos  Music Fest © Festa della Musica Lanuvio

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Lanuvio Music Festival

The Music Festival is an event that has been part of the Lanuvio tradition for a few years. It takes place in June.
The event is organized by the Cultural Association “Carpe Diem”, and the guaranteed appointments are those with street artists who always intervene numerous (in some editions over 100 bands) to present their repertoire in all possible rhythms: rock, blues, jazz, world music, pop, punk, country, grunge, ska, ethno.

Interesting is the initiative of the tent city that is always very successful among young people as well as for the moment of aggregation, not to face the journey home after a crazy and long night of music.
Among the big names that have given prestige to the event is to remember among others the rock star Vittorio Nocenzi (Banco) who started one of the editions meeting young musicians with the project of the Art Workshop “Music and Image”.
But the music played in those evenings would not have the same charm if there were not the medieval village of Lanuvio animated by the many “Piazzette in Musica” lit by torches that give moments of intense charm.
As a corollary of the musical events, there will be various performances by street artists in the streets of the historic center.
The location of Piazzette in musica