The truest essence of the lands of Sardinia

“I feel like an equal animal to any other animal. Part of planet Earth and the universe. That’s why I make wine: it’s the way I know to make me feel what I am: instinctively an animal.””.

This is a quote from Alessandro Dettori, who led the philosophy of organic wine to marry the wind and sun of Sardinia. We will propose Alessandro’s Romangia, a Vermentino like him, of incomparable sincerity.

That of the young Alessandro Dettori, is a reality that over the years has contributed to the rebirth of Sardinia and more specifically the territory of Romangia. In the countryside, the work is done with the utmost respect for the environment and, in the cellar, the production steps are rigorous: no yeasts, enzymes are added and the wine is not filtered, clarified or barricaded. The wines of Tenute Dettori are magnetic and deep and transmit the truest essence of the lands of Sardinia.

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Romangia... The land and its fruits

Romangia-Di Gianni Careddu

For over 3000 years, wine has been made in Romangia. The confirmation comes from the many archaeological finds found in the area and in particular at the Domus de Janas in Abelazu. Here a terracotta wine vase (dating back to the Eneolithic period, 2,500 B.C.) has been found. 2000 years before the Roman, Etruscan, Phoenician and Greek civilizations, it was already in use to produce in this area the “nectar of the gods”.
Romangia is that part of north-western Sardinia, which includes the municipalities of Sorso and Sennori, bordering the territory of the capital Sassari: just in the area of Mount Cao, between the two countries mentioned above, were found real “Decanter” dating back to around 900 BC, now preserved in the Museum A. Sanna of Sassari. Some scholars of the territory say that in Roman times the most prestigious wine area of Sardinia was, in addition to Cagliari, Romangia.