The Ligurians called it «La Via de l’Amùu», one of the most beautiful roads in the world

The «Via de l’Amùu» is a picturesque pedestrian street overlooking the sea, about one kilometre long, which connects the villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola, in the Cinque Terre, in Liguria (La Spezia). Famous worldwide for its breathtaking views, is one of the most important tourist attractions in the area and is an integral part of the National Park of the Cinque Terre and the area declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. The “Via dell’Amore” was carved in the years 1926-1928 when the railway Genoa-La Spezia was doubled, to facilitate the operation of the site. Once the work was finished, the Municipalities decided to turn it into a path for lovers. From the station of Rio Maggiore, take a short flight of steps along the “Via dell’Amore”, which winds flat and well paved. Being literally dug into the cliff about thirty meters from the sea, is the most original and interesting route from the point of landscape, compared to other more inaccessible paths such as the Via Alta on the ridge of the mountain. Unfortunately, following a landslide in 2012, the path was closed to the public, to be reopened in 2015 only for a short stretch, about 200 meters parallel to Manarola station, thanks to funding from the Italian railway network and free geological surveys carried out by the company “Vertical Geology”. We hope that the Minister of Cultural Heritage will intervene promptly to restore this heritage and support the Administrations not only for the safety of the route but also for the normal maintenance necessary to safeguard one of the most extraordinary works of our country.

In any case, it’s worth walking a few meters: it’s a unique spectacle, not cloneable.


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