When gloves become a precious accessory

The great return of the glove as an accessory on all occasions, has stimulated the imagination of many but Anima Mediterranea has gone to the discovery of the authentic Master glovemakers.
Craftsmen who have been making gloves for generations and today as then use the same tricks, the same precision as their great-great-grandfather.
“We have always been artisans” Mr. Chianese from Dinpel in Naples, a city devoted to chic clothing, replied to the opening of our interview: “Maintaining a century-old tradition is a great responsibility and one cannot give in to the consumerist temptation of good but not top quality materials; the efforts of our predecessors must always be kept in the foreground, never forgetting their roots”.
Good intentions are essential today to make a difference on the market, standing out with one’s art is fundamental to bring the true Made in Italy, the authentic handmade product, high quality pieces that are not even so easy to discover and identify in an industrial manufacturing chaos where everything is the opposite of everything and very little is created with art.
Anima Mediterranea’s mission is to trace the most exclusive craft activities and bring them to the world. Behind every craftsman “faithful” to the fact of art there is a story of families, of precious work, of daily search for precious materials, a relentless search that points towards Beauty, exclusivity, refinement, uniqueness.
The luxury of the 21st century.

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