NIKEITALY by Anima Mediterranea is part of the Anima Mediterranea project which aims to promote and spread the beauty of the Italian territories, the cradle of culture, and at the same time intends to divulge those craft excellences and healthy agricultural derivation so exclusive as to represent the most refined expression of luxury.
The true luxury takes its distance from the industrial realities, the world of the ephemeral does not pay anymore, nor the most showy forms that are configured in the folds of exhibitionism, classifying themselves as vulgar-luxury.
Fortunately, the sense of beauty, the love for beauty, brings us back to the truest essences, to the most precious work, to the art of approaching nature with respect and to the sober exaltation of the senses given by the most authentic uniqueness. A step back therefore, in search of all that is “truer” and that represents a piece of history of families, communities, work, territories, art, culture. Our history.