Liguria – Green terraces with a sea view

Sanremo, the enchanting City of Flowers, which includes among its beauties Villa Ormond and its beautiful park. Built at the behest of the Swiss merchant Michel Louis Ormond in the second half of the nineteenth century, following the earthquake of 1887, it was rebuilt to a design by the Swiss architect Emile Réverdin. The park, [...] read more

Isola Bella: among the marvels of the Borromeo

The history of the family winds its way from the end of the XIV century, charting a fascinating path where politics, diplomacy, weddings, military deeds, conscientious patrimonial administration, passion for art, collection and botanical sciences meet one another. By visiting the Borromeo Islands and the Rocca D’Angera you walk along the path of one of [...] read more


Nature has given us everything. Flowers and plants provide us with the essential substances needed for our psychophysical and aesthetic well-being, as well as providing us with the ingredients essential to our bounty of dishes. All the secrets of nature are at our disposal. Beauty is… purity.

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